H. M. Royal Artillery
"Artillery lends dignity to what would otherwise be a vulgar brawl"

Links to Great Sites

 Florida Renaissance Festival
Our Home Faire. This is where it all began. Seven fantastic weekends begining in February.

 Camelot Days Medieval Festival 
Two fun filled weekends in November. This is how FlaRF started.
Sir Robert shoots opening and closing.

  The Hanseatic League
A historical re-enactment group that portrays a traveling merchant 
caravan from the late Medieval to the Renaissance period.

Very good friends of ours. Be sure to visit them at FlaRF.

 Pirates of the Treasure Coast
"Your Premier Source for Professional Pirate Entertainment,
Festivals, Parties and Corporate Events."
Over the years, H. M. Royal Artillery has worked closely with POTTC.

 Anger of the Mistress  (facebook)
"A siege weapon reenactment group"
The Trebuchet Guys. More good friends of ours.
Don't fail to see their show at FlaRF.
They haven't missed the lake yet either.

   16th Century, Inc.
"A Non-Profit, Cultural & Educational Organization"
Workshops in acting, dancing, costuming, stage combat and much more.
This is the place to go if you want to
learn about the Renaissance Era.
It's a must if you want to
become a member of the FlaRF cast.

  Artillery Through the Ages
"National Park Service Interpretive Series History."
A history of artillery from the beginning of the 14th century to the mid 19th century.
This is highly recommended reading with lots of great information.

 World of Beer
One of our favorite meeting places where we can relax, decompress,
enjoy the company of good friends and have a pint or two.
"Life's too short to drink bad beer."

 Brinley Gold Shipwreck Rum
Eight varities of international award winning flavored rum.
A family business, this premium rum is hand crafted on the island of St. Kitts.
The Official Rum of H. M. Royal Artillery.

Boynton Beach Haunted Pirate Fest
The weekend before Halloween. A free two day festival with lots of fun for all ages.
We open and close the show with cannon fire and do several
blackpowder demonstraitions throughout the day.

Orlando Renaissance Festival
Held on the first weekend in December, this is a new, three day faire that's not
real large yet but is a lot of fun and has tremendous potential.

It's setting is on a large lake in a beautiful park.
Sir Robert shoots opening and closing and does at least two cannon demos each day.

  Ft. Myers Beach Pirate Festival
USA Today named this the #2 Pirate Festival in the Country. Great fun for pirates and
landlubbers alike, come see us at our camp and during the ship to shore cannon battle. 

The festival is on hiatus for 2018  - It will hopefully return in 2019. Check back for dates.

The Renaissance Faire Homepage
Links to over 200 Renaissance and Medieval Faires around the country.
Includes lots of useful information about the period.

Pirate Festivals
Not a fancy site, just links to Pirate Festivals all over the US, Canada,
the Caribbean and the UK. Sort by month or by location. ARRR!!

South Bend Replicas
This is where Sir Robert got the Daniel King Howitzer.
It's also where the National Park Service gets many of the cannons they fire.
(Like us, the NPS doesn't shoot originals)

Lee Gordon Photography

Lee is the official photographer of H. M. Royal Artillery.
He does some absolutely amazing and beautiful work.

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